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What is the price of healing? Frustration, embarrassment, pain? And what makes us decide we want to be healed? In a world of pain, who heals the healer?

Lukas Vangelis and his niece, Diana Karras, are hospice owners with remarkable healing powers. For two decades, they've been guided by messages from departed family members and friends. Now Lukas begins to get messages for his ears only, warning him that his time is coming. His primary mission is to find his successor. These concealed clues point him in an unexpected direction: toward a young woman dying of cancer. Healing has its price: he has to reconcile with those he's hurt and those who have hurt him. He also has to acknowledge a secret love. As his journey nears its end, he learns that the young woman's four-year-old son is "the one who is to follow." He finds his yearned-for peace as he passes on his healing powers.

Check out the book trailer here.

Kirkus Reviews said, "The book generates a strong sense of empathy. . . this tale offers a nuanced look at death."

You can read other reviews here, and you can order Dr. Vangelis by going here.

I also have two other projects underway: Meredith's Song, a celebration of the life of basketball star Meredith Legg Stapleton (1987-2014), and Watermelon Man, a murder mystery in a small Florida town, where a watermelon patch hides its own dark secrets.

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