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Tangled Woods and Dark Waters

Tales from the Winding Streams of Life

What is the path of your life? Have you, dear reader, always walked in sunlight and beside calm waters? No? Then come with us on a journey that takes us into places where the path is unclear and the route demands courage just to take the next step.

Perhaps you've found a dream wasn't what it seemed to be looking on from the outside. Perhaps you've had to reach deep within yourself to find the strength to go forward.

In this collection of stories, you'll meet a parade of ordinary people, facing unpredictable situations:

  • A prominent politician who finds out that death is anything but restful;
  • A tropical bird who becomes an unlikely hero on a winter night;
  • A harbor cruise that sets out with seven passengers, but from which only six return;
  • A go-getter entrepreneur who tries for one big score too many;
  • An elderly teacher who faces the cost of a pledge to a dying student;
  • A clergyman who must confront his own helplessness in a strange encounter;
  • A young paraplegic who finds herself drawn into an unlikely love affair;
  • A World War II veteran who encounters a familiar world grown strange.

Tangled Woods and Dark Waters also includes a new novella, A Dirge for Maxwell. When a textile mill is destroyed by a runaway train, the surrounding town finds itself in a state of siege where just hanging on takes courage and grit. You can find it in paperback here, or as a Kindle Direct e-book here. It's $ 7.99 in paperback, $ 2.99 in e-book. Or you can download the order form below and send it in by snail mail.

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