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Nights of Horseplay

When the sun goes down, the statues come to life . . .

I've lived since 1988 in Aiken, South Carolina, long renowned as a center of equine culture. In 2012, a group of us who call ourselves The Aiken Scribblers decided to prepare an anthology of stories and poems on the premise that the "Horseplay" statues located around the town come to life and get into a variety of escapades. Some are humorous, some ironic, some explore the darker facets of human behavior. There's a story about the creation of the anthology at the Aiken Standard.

Nights of Horseplay is available formail order at the retail price of $ 10.00 per copy (2 for $ 18.00), plus 8% sales tax (for South Carolina residents).

Place your orders at BLS Aiken, LLC, PO Box 473, Aiken, SC 29802-0473. Download the form below, complete and return it with your payment. Or order it from; it's available now.

We're available in Aiken at The Screenprint Factory, the Aiken Center for the Arts, Aiken County Historical Museum, Aiken Office Supply, Party Tyme, Equine Divine, Aiken Saddlery and Supply, and Booklovers bookstore; more locations to come!

Nights of Horseplay is the perfect gift

to celebrate the spirit of Aiken.

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