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Steve's Publications

My anthology pieces are listed here and here. A complete collection will be available in the Summer of 2016 as an e-book. For more information, please contact me.

"Public Serpent", published in Catfish Stew, Volume III

"It was a horrendous surprise to Senator Tom McIlwain to wake up dead, next to his sleeping wife, on a crisp fall morning."

A big-time politico finds that the afterlife is anything but restful.

"Quo Vadis?", published in Catfish Stew, Volume IV

"When the Reverend Peter Berckmann caught sight of the forlorn-looking man trudging toward him in the April twilight, he felt a stab of something unsettling. It wasn't exactly fear. Mostly it was a sense that a big, ugly rock had fallen into his path."

A clergyman listens to a young man's tortuous moral odyssey.

"Gold Stars", published in Catfish Stew, Volume IV

"Dudley Methodist Church appeared not have changed at all since the last time Stuart Garrett had been there, just after the war started."

A returning World War II veteran is jolted by the contrasts between the world in which he grew up and his more recent experiences.

"Vulture Capitalist", published in Savannah Anthology 2015

"Raymond Loukretios was a man who lived his life in haste, a runner in a race whose finish line might appear without warning. The sense of racing against time was a family legacy, as was an obsession with seizing opportunities."

A young entrepreneur learns that one person's disaster may be another's opportunity.

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